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12 Volt Adapter for LED Globe Lights

12-9008 Now Available
12-9098 12 Volt Adapter for LED Globe Lights Allows 12 volt operation of 12-9008 LED Patio Globe lights. Plug into standard 12 volt outlet. Adapter cord lenth is 11 feet. California Prop 65 Warning

LED Patio Lights – Multi-Color

12-9008 - New for 2018
12-9008 Multi-Color LED Globe Lights 20 LED’s in colorful 3″ diameter globes that are spaced 12″ apart. LED’s save money and last longer. Cord length is 22 feet long with UL approved power supply. Optional 12 volt adapter (12-9098) allows for use on 12 volts. Cord length is 11 feet. [simple_tooltip content=’WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information…

Patio Lights – Multi-Color – White

12-9001 White - 12-9004 Multi-color
12-9001 White Globe Lights 12-9004 Multi-Color Globe Lights Add atmosphere and charm to your RV Campsite or at home with Prime Patio Lights featuring double plugged fused cord and twenty 3-1/4 inch diameter soft white globes. Can be connected to other string lights. Includes bulbs and replacement fuse. Light cord is 22 feet long and is UL approved. Use indoors or outdoors. Available in multi color or soft white globes. Replacement globes and light strings…